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Building products since 1996

I started my first business in my mid teens and built my first product in my early twenties. I’ve had management roles since in product, sales, and marketing mostly in the media, hospitality and software industries.

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Spent the last 8 months leveraging APIs, deep machine learning, and blockchain technology to build a sales and marketing platform to allow small and medium businesses to tap into the 3800+ word class providers of advertising and marketing technology that are fueling corporations across 106 functional areas of marketing…

…all from a single mind map interface, a single local ad broker, and a very friendly ad bot.

TC Media - Local Solutions

Sr Product Director

2014 - 2016
Ramped up account managers to a ratio of 1 per 400 clients.Launched listing management offer under 8 months. Expanded basic websites to premium websites that compete with agency custom sites.
TC Media - Digital Incubator

Product Director

2013 - 2014
Built unique WordPress offer by adding a robust layer of standardization on top. Built a client success model that would yield less than 4% yearly churn for our websites. Built custom workflow engine for execution.
TC Media

Product Manager

2012 - 2013
TC had been hesitant about selling websites for about a decade. When Sales VP  was looking for his man to build the product, my former boss easily convinced the executives I was carved for the job.
TC Media - Weblocal

Sales Manager

A good friend of mine needed a right hand to build a call center from scratch. We cracked the code for selling online directory outside the province, with one cold call, on credit card, and then scaled by building a team of 20+ agents.