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Some of the talented people that I feel very privileged to surround myself with and to call on for inspiration, support, networking or pure talent. As Jim Rohn put it: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” And I have been blessed to find myself in such fine company.

Udo Blenkhorn

Digital transformation Consultant

The inspiring Monique Caron-Bouchard taught me to “never take for granted what your conscience won’t admit” and Udo certainly embodies it well. A mechanical engineer by trade, a natural pitchman, a music pioneer and a true original as Adam Grant would put it, Udo is quickly becoming a media force to be reckoned with in this era of digital transformation we live in.

Martin Dagneau

Call Center Pro

My partner in crime since the early nineties, Martin has been a true inspiration both personally and professionally. A true sales virtuose and a contact center expert, Martin has been a management rising star for as long as I can remember and grasps the human factor in operations at both the strategic and tactic level like very few others in his field. Every minute of his counsel is a treasure trove.

Jean-Sébastien Deschambault

Software Architect,Entrepreneur

JS is a constant inspiration and keeps pushing the limits of what we an accomplish, what we should strive for and what lies within our grasp. JS has been a web tinkerer at heart since the nineties. His ability to see the connecting thread makes him a virtuose at software architecture. But it’s his talent for business and his deep understanding of what drives people that compound to make him a unique ally and a fierce builder.

Martin Gauthier

Software Architecture

Martin is a force of nature. When Udo introduced me to the man a few years back, he prefaced it by saying “if you can think it, he can build it”… And we’ve been thinking and building ever since! 🙂 If someone cracks the code of how to deliver real value in digital marketing for Small and Medium Businesses at scale, it may well be Code Mountain. Watching Martin code is reminiscent of watching a Mozart put pen to paper and simply directly write a complete symphony.

Olivier Lefebvre

Business Creative

Oli was already deep in SEO in the early 2000s. His agency and media background give him a solid depth in the field. But it’s his true artist mind that brings a unique flow to what he can see, build and connect and makes him a digital force to be reckoned with. Few people can oscillate the way he can from left to right brain and it fuels his unique ability to make things happen, hack growth and build robust holistic systems to capture value.

Toby McGovern

Experimental Medicine

Light of my life, she makes me want to live, laugh, learn and love. Toby is an incredibly brilliant researcher. She works with the best of the best and is known for her uncanny scientific intuition. She will find the anomaly, embrace the truth and follow the science down the rabbit hole, where conventions are challenged and misconceptions shattered. If my business ends up half as good as her science, watch out world… 🙂

Andrew Morgan

Sales & Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

My latest partner in crime, Captain Morgan fully deserves the moniker. He can certainly rally a crew and he’s proven time and time again that he can navigate the most treacherous waters and lead the ship to port. I knew Gartner was a solid player but it’s through Andrew and his impressive skill set that I got a real sense of what the business was all about and what it could accomplish. I’m honored to count such a web pioneer as a friend and business partner as we build the future.

Bradley Wing

Technology Marketing Pro

Brad has been an incredibly valuable business partner the last couple of years. He always has his finger on the pulse, he can read the players like no other and provides deep enlightening insights on the state and evolution of the industry. I always base partnerships on the value of the people that build them and he is the reason I was led to realize that Sweet IQ would rapidly become the dominant player in local intelligence. World class people for a world class business.