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Food for thought – What is this Blog About?

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What’s on your mind?

With the deluge of information we face in this era, giving thoughts to something, anything really, is something we end up actually having to think about…What’s happening out there? What’s happening over here? What’s happening in here? What do I care about or care to care about?

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and shaping, constantly reshaping even our reality. We are facing paradigm shift after paradigm shift and constant disruption with IOT, apps, smartphones, personal assistants, software, data analysis, DIY, inventions and the maker revolution to only name a few. Keeping an eye out for new technologies and how they will change our daily lives can give us a sense of keeping a grip. It can also be very exhilarating. Some of that stuff is definitely mind blowing!

Over and above the technology per se, we are also faced with continuous innovation on all fronts. Processes are evolving in business intelligence, collaboration, open environments, scope, politics, systems, school of thoughts, movements, approaches, languages and education. In the human archetype, we seek life and avoid death. It goes beyond thought, will and actions; it’s hardwired in us, it’s part of our DNA, metaphorically on one hand but also very much physically and biologically on the other hand. Innovation is aching to life and growth. If something is not growing in nature, it’s essentially dying. Innovation and evolution are joined at the hip and somewhat hold the key to our future.

Our past has ceased to exist other than in our thoughts and our present is dictating our future. There have always been futurists in our societies but this might be an especially fascinating time for them. What will tomorrow yield? The singularity, augmented reality, mind reading, quantum physics, teleportation and space travel are just the tip of the iceberg. What will become of the people, their environments, our planet, their lives, their nations, their health and their wealth?

Health is our vessel. Sleep, food, agriculture, nutrition, fitness, medicine, research, pharmaceutical, and genetics. Our journey will only take us as far as our body and mind will. (in this life anyway, regardless of what our beliefs are for the afterlife.)

Wealth is our fuel. Business, finances, riches, empowerment, economics. Whether your wealth is based in matter or based in thought and spirit, it powers the journey. And we live in interesting times, between globalization of the economy, increasing connectivity, crowd-funding, micro-funding, multiple streams of income or passive income, home based businesses, the rise of self-employment and small medium enterprises, there has potentially never been a time with such widespread opportunities.

Any and all of it comes from ideas. I’m always fascinated at the thought that a vast amount of the things that exist in this world do because they first existed as a thought in someone’s mind, days, ages or centuries ago. A great history teacher once made us realize that over and above anything else, for evolution or revolution to truly take place you need a change of ideas, a change of mentality. You can come up with the technology and the innovation but it might take a generation or two for the change of necessary mentality change to truly take place.

Some remain cynical when it comes to what lies ahead of us and you can’t really blame them. I have to say that I remain, if not quite optimistic then at least quite inspired! We’ll have a chance to look through this blog at how much Social Entrepreneurship is shaping the face of our new world and it might just be the change of mentality we needed for this next revolution to take place.

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