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To blog… or not to blog? – Why bother?

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That is apparently the question…

Things move fast in the world we now live in. Exponentially so. Keeping track and up to date can definitely be a challenge. Time feels scarce and data is overwhelmingly abundant. So much noise is drowning the ever so precious signal. I don’t know about you but I can easily think of dozens of reasons not to write a blog and maybe a few to have one.

So why a blog? Well, some of the reasons could be:

  • To make money?…lol! Yeah… chances are that’s not happening… we can talk about the sobering stats sometime… and I’m personally just not that committed to blogging.
  • To become famous??? that’s usually pretty closely tied to audience and traffic and chances are if making a living is probably not happening, how likely do you think fame is?
  • To make a difference? with little traffic, you’re not making much of a difference. So keep on keeping on, Peter Pan!
  • To be heard? being heard is amazing and empowering and all, but you kind of need the same people you need to have traffic, make a difference, become famous and make money for that. So, no.
  • To… to what then? Personally, a blog feels like a good way to define one’s self in the digital space. The glue to fit the pieces together from your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, etc. A way to establish a little bit of who you are and connect with like minded peers via that defining essence.

So…to blog, apparently! Because of the glue thing… you know? Hopefully in a defining fashion that enables a connection to some of the people for whom these thoughts will be part of the signal… rather than the noise!

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